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We are raising money for more coaching that will help us in the run up to Roses 2024! With your help, we can also lower membership fees to make our club more accessible.

Our Story

Being the biggest club on campus, UYHC is an inclusive mixed club with 4 male teams, 3 ladies teams and a development squad. There is a place for everyone- no matter the ability- and this diversity is a key value of our club.

Last year was a successful year for the club, with 3 teams earning promotion. Our Ladies 2’s also won the cup competition-a huge achievement.

Despite our best efforts, we fell short at Roses, with 5 of our 6 teams losing against Lancaster. With your help, we can change this.

In Challenge Week, we will be completing a variety of club-wide challenges including the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge, a Hockathon and a game versus Alumni.

Where will the money go?

100% of your donations will go to supporting the club. Our main priority is coaching fees, as we only have one coach for the whole club. Money would also go toward travel expenses for away matches and reducing membership fees.

Our ultimate goal is to raise £5,000 during the week. Our ultimate priority is having the funds for coaching which would cost £2,000. If we have guided sessions from coaches, this would help our club improve in the run up to Roses!

A further £1500 would go toward travel expenses to enable our teams to afford minibuses for away matches. Reducing membership fees is an added bonus, and an extra £1,500 would allow us to do this. Even if we don’t reach this target, any amount would help go toward coaching and making our club more affordable.

Why is this so important?

This money would benefit our club massively and help our teams get the results they deserve at Roses! Increase in funding will also help in relation to the club’s long-term success as our teams push for promotion into higher leagues.

Our main goal is to be able to afford more coaching and be able to afford travel. We cannot describe how much of a positive impact our coach has had and it would be ideal if we could have the funds to pay them for more sessions.

Reducing membership fees is another target we have. This would enable new students to join our club, which is something we are keen on as inclusivity is an important value to UYHC.

Overall, hockey is a sport that has helped all of our members both physically and mentally. We want everyone to experience the feeling we get on the pitch. Your donations would allow us to keep experiencing this and play to our best ability, whilst also enabling newcomers the chance to join the best club on campus.

The Challenges

Below are some of the challenges we will complete as part of the week:

  • Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge:

On Sunday 10th March, some of our members will be travelling to take on the Peaks! This involves a 24 mile walk!

  • Alumni v Students Match

Former UYHC members will be joining us back on the Astro pitch to show they haven’t lost their touch! A team of alumni are taking on a team full of students in an exciting reunion match.

  • Match v Rugby

York Uni rugby have kindly accepted our invitation to try out hockey. Two teams (mixed with rugby and hockey) will battle it out on the JLD in good spirits.

  • Hockey take on Women’s Basketball

Women’s basketball have kindly offered to host us as we attempt to play basketball-what could go wrong?

  • Hockathon

UYHC members are attempting to take on a 5 hour long match/tournament in an attempt to raise funds for our beloved club.

Find us here

We have an Instagram page social through which you can keep up to date with the challenges taking place, we would love for you to follow us:

Instagram: @uyhc_official

Help us succeed!

We would love you to donate as much or as little as you are able and any donations are hugely appreciated. Your donation could also help us unlock fundraising challenges which will help us reach our goal even faster (you can see these on the challenges page).

If you are looking to support an individual athlete or challenge please put a message with your donation saying who!

Alternatively, if you are unable to donate then please do spread the word by signing up as a Challenge Week Ambassador for our club, and sharing our social media posts to your own socials so as many people as possible can read about our efforts!

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