Cricket (Women’s)

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We’re raising money for equipment, quality coaching, and to help promote cricket within our local community. Your kind contributions will not only enhance the capabilities of our team, but will aid us in developing women and girls cricket in York!

Our Story

Women’s Cricket started as a small team in 1985. In the last 10 years, we’ve grown from 8 paying members to just under 50! Most of our members were total newcomers to the sport when they first joined, but despite this, we’ve played incredibly well in competitive leagues, and clinched victory at Roses for two years running.

This year, we’ve upped our game further by funding some of our members to become ECB-qualified coaches, and we have planned an outreach event to introduce girls in our local area to the joys of cricket.

As we continue to grow, so does our need for coaches and gear. We’re all about inclusivity, but, let’s be real - cricket can be pricey! We’re determined to break down those barriers and keep cricket accessible to all at the University of York.

Help us keep the cricket magic alive! Your donation won’t just fund equipment and coaching - it’ll count towards spreading the love of cricket and empowering future generations of female cricketers.

We really appreciate any donations you can make towards our club and cause!

Where will the money go?

We aim to allocate these funds towards vital areas such as coaching, equipment and creating opportunities, both for our own members to become ECB-qualified coaches, and for girls in our local area to be introduced to cricket through outreach events.

We have an ultimate goal of £2500!

If we can raise £1500, the majority of this will go towards our incredible coach, and for essential equipment, such as bats and balls for the club.

£2000 would allow us to do this, and possibly invest in larger, more advanced equipment, such as an outdoor batting cage.

Any amount above this would be put towards outreach events to introduce the next generation of girls to cricket! We would also look to partially subsidise level 1 and 2 ECB coaching courses, which range from £100-£300 per person. This would allow us to increase the pool of female coaches available to cricket clubs in Yorkshire.

Why is this so important? 

As a club, we advocate for breaking down the physical and social barriers that prevent people from engaging in sports. In order to increase accessibility to these groups, we ensure we subsidise costs, such as providing protective equipment, where we can, but we know we can do more!

We are also incredibly keen to increase the visibility of women's cricket; by working with a bigger budget, we are able to put our club forward to help with local campaigns within the county, aiming to develop women's and girls' cricket. As well as this, we would be able to open up opportunities and expand our network within the university to our students. This is why raising funds for our club is incredibly important to us!

The Challenges

For Challenge Week, we’ll be:

  • Attempting to beat other teams at their own sport.
  • Running/walking the distance between the University and Lord’s Cricket Ground (Home of Cricket) as a club.
  • Running a daily cricket-themed podcast with a breakdown of each day’s events.

We’ll also be running a series of additional challenges, where YOU CAN GET INVOLVED!

There are 2 ways for you to decide what we do:

Daily Missions:

  • Each day, there will be a classified mission for one of our members to complete. When you donate, you can vote by commenting for the person you would like to complete the challenge that day.


  • £25 for a shoutout on social media.
  • £50 for our podcast host, Keona, to write a song about you (or your group) on the spot!
  • £75 to choose a mission for us to do, and post a video about it.


  • VOTE: When you donate, please add a comment and include: “UYWCCMISSION” with the name of the member you are voting for. For more information on the nominees, please visit our instagram page.
  • The member who carries out the daily mission will be decided by a combination of top votes on our fundraising page, and the availability of our players.
  • COMMISSION: When you donate, please add a comment and include: “UYWCCCOMMISSON”, and:
  • £25 - your name for social media
  • £50 - the name you would like included in the song
  • £75 - Your suggested mission

We will be monitoring our page regularly. We aim to release missions before 12pm each day, and to carry out commissions within 48 hours of donation. If your vote or commission does not include the required information above, we may not be able to count it.

We’ve also set ourselves ‘Milestone Challenges’ that we’ll be completing throughout the week. Once we reach:

  • £250, we’ll spend a day on campus attempting to spread around as many UYWCC stickers as possible.
  • £500, we’ll organise a UYWCC trip out wearing our whites and kit.
  • £750, we’ll take part in one of our team challenges tied to each other in pairs.
  • £1000, we’ll be completely silent for an hour of our training session.
  • £1500, we’ll take part in a 24 hour cricket marathon, where we’ll keep some form of indoor cricket going for 24 hours!

Find us here

We have various forms of social media, where you can follow our Challenge Week journey and stay up to date on all things women’s cricket! We’d love for you to follow us:

Instagram: @uywcc

TikTok: @uywcc

X (Twitter): @UYWCC

We’ll be posting exclusive content across all three platforms, so be sure to follow them all!

Help us succeed!

We really appreciate any and all donations!

Your donation could also help us unlock fundraising challenges which will help us achieve our goal even faster (you can see these on the challenges page).

We also understand that you may be unable to donate, but don’t worry, you can still support us! By signing up as an Ambassador for our club, and sharing our social media posts, you’ll be helping to increase our reach, and sharing our love for cricket.

Thank you for your generous support.

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